2 thoughts on “Amy’s desk is chaotic

  1. Jem

    This is a great idea, I like the graphics and the storyline is believable and authentic.
    My only criticicm is navigating the site. It took me ages to find the beginning and then it is not clear where to go next. When I click on a month, it shows entries partially obscured, and I cannot go to them from there.

    I suggest using the simple “First” “Previous” “Random” “Next” “Latest” buttons rather than naming the stories which would be great if I were you , but I have no idea who or what comes before or after which.

    1. Jon Bartlett Post author

      Hi there Jem and thanks for the feedback. For some reason WordPress didn’t tell me you’d commented so apologies for the much delayed response. We do need to adjust the layout and agree with your feedback. We are looking at how best to overhaul it so please bear with us.


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